Guide for the maintenance of sports facilities

Although in this post we talked about the importance of having a space dedicated to health care in the sports facility, today we are going to explain how to carry out maintenance of the sports complex, a management that every club must take into account.

The maintenance of the facilities is vital for the proper development of sports activity. And if proper planning is not followed, it can be a big headache for the club manager.

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Types of maintenance in the facilities

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance are those actions aimed at anticipating wear or loss in the characteristics of the material, equipment or installation over time. It helps you check that everything is in optimal condition. Cleaning tasks can also be considered as part of this maintenance. The positive part of this type of maintenance is the planning of the short and long-term tasks and the increase of the useful life of the equipment and / or buildings.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance are those repair actions that are carried out when equipment or facilities are damaged. For obvious reasons, they are unforeseen and cost more than the preventive.

The maintenance plan

The maintenance plan is a mandatory document since the approval of the Technical Building Code in Royal Decree 314/2006, of March 17. Within article 8, we can find the following statement:

“It will also contain the instructions for use and maintenance of the finished building in accordance with the provisions of this CTE and other applicable regulations, including a building maintenance plan with the planning of scheduled operations for the maintenance of the building and of your facilities. ”

Within the maintenance plan, you must collect the specific characteristics of each material or equipment and those of the sports facility. You must also identify the material and human resources and products that are available.

You have to try to be as detailed as possible. Sets maintenance based on material. The preservation of a track with artificial grass is not the same as the rubber used in athletic tracks. If you use maintenance files, it will be easier for you to keep track and control the actions.

There is no use having a great Maintenance Plan if later it becomes obsolete in a drawer and is not carried out. The maintenance manager must monitor the tasks that are being carried out to verify that they are being carried out and facilitate the work of controlling the facilities.

In the case of taking care of the different elements that make up the sports facility, “prevention is better than cure”.

Here are 5 key ideas that you have to stay with to do a minimum maintenance of the facilities. If you want to go to “pro” mode, we leave you this Sports Facilities Maintenance Manual prepared by the Valencia City Council.

  1. Proper maintenance prolongs the useful life of infrastructures.
  2. The sports manager must be involved in the construction, remodeling and monitoring of the sports facilities.
  3. Prepare a document for the Maintenance Plan of the facilities, together with Technical Maintenance Sheets.
  4. Record of follow-up and maintenance control files and Incident Files.
  5. Create Maintenance Team. The figure of the maintenance manager is essential.