Club management in the digital age

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Over the last few years we have faced the strong irruption of new technologies and digitization, which are gaining ground in the market. Every year more people use the Internet on a daily basis , to search for information about anything, fill out paperwork electronically or make purchases online, either due to lack of time or for the comfort that this supposes.

Currently, companies are seeing how this is affecting in one way or another their growth and development. The Internet has become a great opportunity for all these companies, regardless of the sector to which they belong. And it is that we are increasingly dependent on electronic devices.

However, there are still those who do not want to believe to what extent technology can influence business success.

Activities related to the sports sector are a clear example of this, since the vast majority of sports clubs continue to carry out all the formalities and administrative tasks in the traditional way .


Traditional club management is not something that has stopped working from one day to the next, but we do not want to focus on the end result of all that long process, but on the efficiency and effectiveness with which these tasks are performed.

It is not the same that you do each of these tasks completely independently and manually than doing it from a single tool centrally. With a comprehensive tool you can manage all these tasks easily and quickly, saving a lot of time and effort.

There are many problems that can lead to the fact of managing your club in a traditional way, but we are going to explain the most common ones:

  • The large number of documents and information on paper that are used: Accounts, balances, fiscal data, communications, membership registrations and a long etcetera. This is the day-to-day in the traditional management of a sports club.
  • Long hours of meetings , both for parents and for the board of directors, that between the absences and the waits, entail a waste of time and unnecessary resources, a time that no member of the clubs should lose.
  • Inefficient communication channels , slow, without feedback or obtaining valid answers.
  • Problems with payments: Defaults, delays, installment payments, returns of receipts, … When we talk about money, nobody wants this to happen, since it requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the director the club to confirm that all members or parents have made the corresponding payment.


Today, technology has given rise to digital tools such as sports management software , which have made it possible for these problems to be solved and for all these processes to be efficient both for managers like club members. Technology brings various benefits to your club.

communication with all club members is an essential task for proper management, avoiding misunderstandings and last minute communications.

A good communication in which your members receive any type of notice immediately: Events, activities, meetings, changes of time or date, etc.

The immediate control of all tasks of your club is something that you must bear in mind at all times (control of payments, membership registration, parental authorizations or even attendance at a game). All this takes a lot of time and effort if you don’t want to miss something.

Last but not least, the role each member plays in the club . A club is formed, on the one hand, by the members of the board of directors and, on the other hand, by the members and / or parents (in the case of minors). Each member will have a role according to the tasks they perform.

That is why sports management software facilitate all these tasks, allowing to save a lot of time and resources essential for the club. Currently it is difficult to imagine that the management of some large sports clubs would take it without the help of these tools, since it would be impossible.


Being present on the Internet is essential to be able to survive and differentiate ourselves in this digital world in which we live. That is why we will give you some small tips on how to adapt to the new digital age :

  • First of all, you have to take care of your digital presence through a corporate website , and maintain the social media profiles assets . Here we can provide all the information that people want to know: such as contact information, show updated prices, or information on upcoming events, for example
  • A technology-based tool , makes all of the above much easier to use and members can interact with the club in a simpler and more comfortable way, as well as being updated through notifications.
  • Have a calendar of activities updated in real time that allows members to be informed at all times of upcoming events, trainings, changes of time or place.

In conclusion, digital management of a club provides greater control of all internal club tasks and facilitates communication with all members. In addition, you provide your members with the possibility of interacting in a faster and easier way with your club.

With just a few clicks it is possible to have all this at your fingertips, in a single comprehensive platform.

The transition from traditional clubs to digital platforms is a necessary step for the sports clubs of the future to continue growing. With current times, staying behind in this virtual world is guaranteed failure. What are you waiting for? Subscribe to the newsletter to receive the most relevant content on sports management and digitization of the sports industry.

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