Members of the board of directors of a sports club

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First of all, we are going to clarify that a Sports Club is nothing more than a private non-profit association made up of both natural and legal persons, and that its main objective is to l promotion, development and continued practice of physical and sporting activity within, or where appropriate, outside the federated sphere.

Well, what does all this mean? In other words, a club is an entity whose objective is not to earn money, but to promote sports practice in any case.

It is obvious that every Sports Club must have regulations for its proper functioning and a well-defined internal organization chart. In this other post we will tell you the operation of a Sports Club .

Within the structure of a Sports Club , and according to the Internal Regulations , we can find both the Government and Administration bodies (General Assembly, the Board of Directors, the Electoral Commission) and, of course, the members of the club themselves (partners, parents, technical and auxiliary personnel, collaborators, etc.).

But today we are going to talk to you about the Board of Directors or Governing Board. The governing body of the Club, and on which the internal regulations are governed of the Club. In other words, it is the body that manages the club and ensures the rights of athletes. Without him, the Club would be meaningless.

The Board of Directors is decided by a vote of the members of the General Assembly, and is appointed by the President. In exceptional cases, it may establish a Disciplinary Commission to resolve certain cases such as a serious offense against the Club’s Statutes.

The main powers of the Board are:

  • Plan club activities and ensure that they are carried out correctly
  • Guarantee the recognized rights of athletes, technicians and assistants
  • Carry out the agreements and submit the annual accounts of the General Assembly for approval
  • Take financial management
  • Maintain order and discipline in the Club, as well as ensure proper functioning in the competitions that participate
  • Create commissions or working groups that are considered appropriate

The Board must be made up of at least 5 members: a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer and a member. And what are its functions?

The president

The president is elected by the General Assembly, that is, by all the members of the club. His person exercises this position both on the Board of Directors and in the General Assembly.

The Vice President

He will be the one to replace the president in case of absence. Their functions will be the same if applicable.

The Treasurer

Perhaps the most important position within the Board of Directors. He is in charge of managing the Club’s cash. The economic management and therefore its viability depend on it. Although a Sports Club differs from a commercial entity, it is necessary to manage it as such.

There is an aspect that Clubs must take into account, and that is civil liability. In order to guarantee it, you must take out insurance that covers any liability to third parties. Currently, very few Sports Clubs hire him.

The Secretary

He is in charge of keeping any type of record required by the Board of Directors. With voice, but without vote, appointed by the President. You must keep, up to date, the minute book, membership book and any other record and / or certificate necessary for the daily operation of the Club (federations, town councils, DGD, etc.).

In addition, he will be in charge of contacting other clubs, as well as the news media for any sporting event that affects the Club.

The Vocal

There are different types of members, but regardless of their respective functions, in general, everyone will have the obligation to support the other members of the Board of Directors whenever necessary.

So that all the responsibilities of the Board of Directors do not fall on the three members previously named, these figures must exist. The more members there are, the better the management and the more efficient the Club will be.

There are different types of vowels, such as the sports vowel, displacement vowel, celebration vowel, … The club may also have a vowel that is exclusively dedicated to the daily management and relations with public administrations, with Federations and with each team or sports category of the Club. That will be decided by the President based on the preferences and needs of the Club.

Only in the case of Clubs with a large number of members, there may be a last non-mandatory figure, the Sports Manager . In charge of matters related to the sports management of the club. He would also assume the direction and coordination of activities, as well as the organization of events, the endorsement of certificates, the proposal of the technical staff and, together with the treasurer, the updating of all administrative and fiscal aspects related to the Club. Also known as a “coordinator”.

The management of a Sports Club is as important as that of a company, that is why you must be very clear about some important aspects such as the structure of the Board of Directors, a body that cannot be lacking in any Club for its proper functioning.

So if you are considering creating a Sports Club soon, and you do not know very well what you should know to take the first steps, you can read our post where we tell you in more depth how to create a sports club and how a sports club works .

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