4 crowdfunding platforms for sports clubs

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Until now, financing for sports organizations and clubs has been marked by private investment by companies or public bodies ..

Traditionally, it has been through traditional sponsorship or through funding from the public administration. However, this funding has been greatly reduced by the economic crisis.

The paradigm is changing. Today, and thanks to new technologies, there are different ways of financing on the Internet. One of them is “crowdfunding”, which in English means “financing of many”.

What is crowdfunding really?

Well, crowdfunding is massive financing in which a large number of people cooperate anonymously, called co-financiers. These cofinanciers seek to obtain a benefit in exchange for their contribution, usually non-monetary.

In the sports world, this means of financing has gained real importance at the social level, and it is that it provides great value for both parties. For smaller clubs it is a good way to start making themselves known, since the Internet is an opportunity that opens many doors and possibilities for growth.

A good crowdfunding campaign is much more than just getting financial support. It is a way of creating a community and involving other people in a sports project.

For a crowdfunding campaign to be successful, you must offer a benefit to attract investors. There are different ways to add value to co-financiers, depending on the possibilities of the sports club and the amount each person contributes.

What types of crowdfunding exist?

1. Reward Crowdfunding

As its name indicates, in this type of crowdfunding a reward is offered in exchange for financing. This reward can be by offering a product or service by the financier.

2. Donation crowdfunding

This type of crowdfunding is based on monetary contributions from the sponsors, without asking for anything in return. What amounts to a donation. Here the emotional considerations are more valued, that is why it is important to convey the values ​​and sensitivity of the sports project and the people behind it.

3. Investment and loan crowdfunding

These campaign types only offer financial contributions with a stipulated return. It is more similar to a purely commercial investment, and can be called convenience financing.

What sports crowdfunding platforms exist?

Often, crowdfunding projects are done through specialized platforms for it. There are many platforms on the Internet available for all types of projects, usually specialized in different sectors or topics.

In particular, there are platforms specialized in sports crowdfunding campaigns. Next, we list 4 different crowdfunding platforms for your sports club.


Apontoque is a funding aid tool for both clubs and their athletes, event organizers and professionals related to the world of sport through crowdfunding.


Norwegian platform for fundraising for sports projects. His motto: “Lack of money should not exceed abundance of talent and ambition.”

Throw us.

Lánzanos is a crowdfunding platform that is open to all sectors and has a specific section for sports projects

Sponsor them

In this case, it is not crowdfunding for clubs, but for club athletes. By contributing the amount you want anonymously or by registering, you can help as many athletes as you want. Everyone can be a participant in these challenges.

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