7 Keys to promote the activities of your sports club

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In such a competitive world, your club must work hard and stand out from the rest to survive. You must take care of your partners and give them what they need at all times, adapting the services you offer to their specific situations and needs.

A good option may be to offer a variety of complementary activities to the usual services of your club. Giving your members a range of alternatives can help you attract new members. Your own partners will be the ones who use them the most, but they will also spread it among their acquaintances if they are good. A loyal customer is the best promoter your club can have.

But, it is not only enough to have the activities, once you have them, you will need to promote them correctly , if you don’t want to waste time and money with them. If you manage it well, it can be a powerful alternative source of income for your club.

Making your club known is as important as knowing how to manage it correctly. At Esportter we can help you and give you some tips so that you know how to promote the activities of your sports club efficiently.

As in any business, we know that these are not always profitable times in sports clubs. For this reason, sometimes you have to have more affordable options for your club’s pocket.


As we have seen in other posts, the Internet is the cheapest and most effective resource to publicize your sports club. Having a digital presence is essential and without what a good sports club will not be able to survive for long. The one that is not present in the network, does not exist today.

In addition, compared to traditional media, these are much cheaper and achieve a greater reach.

That is why, if your club still does not have a digital presence, no matter how basic and simple it may be, from Esportter we encourage you to start now.


Today, creating a simple website is something easy that you can do yourself if you don’t want to invest a lot of money. But you must take into account some important aspects such as web positioning and the dissemination of relevant content.

A website is like a store window, and therefore it is the customer’s first impression, so try to take care of it.

Many people search for “sports clubs in Seville” in search engines, and you should be there when that happens. Prepare a list of keywords and focus on offering the essential information that people are interested in: Contact, prices, location, facilities, …

Do not forget to have the updated information, it is useless to have the contact or the prices of previous years, since that will affect you negatively. You have to know how to play the cards well so that this valuable resource works for you.

You can also choose to have a section on your website about news and information about your own club: Events, championships, special activities, tips, … This can capture the reader’s attention, and therefore reach more people if you get them to share your content through social media.


Having active social media profiles will also have a positive influence. So don’t forget about it and take advantage of this resource. Currently, 90% of the working population has active profiles on social networks, which allows you to reach more people from anywhere without having to move or invest a lot of money.

Post interesting and fun content, as this audience is often young. Use videos and images that attract attention or share the publications of other profiles, that will make others reach your profile and follow you.

Create your own hashtag, or use the trendy ones. This is how you will appear in searches that are related to your sector. You can also promote an event by these means, you can even invest some money to spread your publications or schedule an event with the tools provided by social networks.


Within this powerful medium we can reach even more people with other options by investing a little more. If your club competes or has special events, you can choose to invest in a traditional medium, such as a newspaper.

The purpose of this resource is to try to reach the media , and if you get them to be interested in your event they will give you a voice. Quality content achieves rapid dissemination.

You can also create a post for your event, and take advantage of it to name or invite other media to attend the event, so you will have a greater reach. Say something that grabs attention and make it as striking as possible. Don’t forget to provide all the necessary information, as well as any additional details that are relevant to the media.


Another option is to take advantage of your website to create a digital calendar of the activities and events that your club does. Activity calendars offer free advertising for your club. This way you will have your members informed and updated of all the next events that take place. You can send notifications or automatic reminders every so often or days before the event.


You can include on your website a part dedicated to promoting your newsletter . Encourage your target audience to subscribe by offering discounts or benefits that are interesting to them. You must first grab the reader’s attention, then offer interesting content. Don’t forget that you should always contribute something of value in return.

You can also send reminders of your club news via email. Email is one of the most used and effective media if used correctly. Include the direct link to the news from the same email to make it easier for them.

Be careful not to be intrusive or overindulged, and be grateful. One a week is more than enough. The difficult thing here will be to have a considerable portfolio of clients who read and are interested in your news.


Last but not least are management software . Internet has advanced a lot during these years, giving rise to programs that work in the cloud and in a synchronized way. And the thing is, technology is here to make life as easy as possible.

These sports management programs are very interesting both for the directors of sports clubs and for the club members themselves.

On the one hand, the club director will be able to manage all the tasks that his sports club requires in a more comfortable and faster way, being able to have everything at his fingertips from a single device and a single application.

On the other hand, members will forget to use so many means of communication to be informed of all the changes made by the club: schedules, dates, events, meetings … If you have not yet started to try it, you can try our software sports management. With Esportter you optimize your time, and you will be able to reach your athletes and partners in a more effective and efficient way.


The promotion of the activities of your sports club is very important to stand out from the rest of the clubs, but it will also depend on your budget and what you are willing to spend.

The correct use of these resources or a combination of them (website, social networks, media, calendar of activities, newsletter and management software) will offer you effective and low-cost advertising. You will be able to reach more people and you will grow as a club.

But remember, that to achieve a high impact you must have a good organization and prior planning, with an effective digital strategy and a real and achievable timeline and, of course, a lot of imagination and perseverance. Don’t forget to follow up from time to time to see that the established goals are being achieved.

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