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Children and sports is a topic that is always on the agenda, since nowadays minors are not very supportive of sports. For this reason, there are many parents who seek to put their children in some type of sport that occupies their free time and that also helps them to practice some physical activity.

This is where sports schools come in. A sports school is a training organization where children and adolescents can progress in their motor skills and start learning and specializing in one or more sports.

These can be founded or formed by any natural or legal person, which depending on where it is created, can receive aid or subsidies from official institutional bodies.

Requirements to create a sports school

  • Present a list of members with a minimum group of 20 children in individual sports and 30 in joint sports.
  • Attach the articles of incorporation of the board of directors which will be made up of the following members: director, secretary, treasurer, prosecutor and teacher or teachers.
  • Comply with the operating rules as required by each Autonomous Community.
  • Attach the teacher’s resume in which to prove their connection and training in sports activities. Attaching the corresponding technical and academic certifications, referring to the experience and suitability in the sports specialty.
  • Present a pedagogical work plan for a period of no less than one year. Which should contain:
  1. Pedagogical Model
  2. Resources
  3. Action plan
  4. Lesson plan
  5. Methodological Strategies

Documentation for the development of a sports school

The documentation to present for the creation and registration of a sports school depends on each autonomous community. In our post, How to create a sports club you can find all the links referring to each of the records in each community.

Structure to establish a sports school

First of all, it must be decided what type of sport or sports it will cover. Among the most prominent we find soccer, basketball, athletics, swimming, karate, chess, tennis, handball or volleyball.

Once this problem has been solved, an infrastructure will have to be found where the activities can be carried out. For example, if the activity is soccer, it must have courts, coaches, sports equipment relevant to the activity, changing rooms, bathrooms, etc. In addition to an easily accessible and secure location for participants.

However, in some places the town councils of the municipalities or localities offer to use local and public infrastructures, either through subsidies or the payment of a fee.

Who are the customers

As a general rule, they are minors ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old. Many of them are enrolled so that they can assimilate basic concepts, such as teamwork or cooperation, apart from carrying out physical activity and healthy habits.

Organization at school

Beyond the physical space, it is also necessary to organize events or meetings with other associations, and invite parents to witness the progress and work that children do.

Each class that is taught will have the obligation to last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, since depending on each sport, it will be necessary to prepare physically by stretching and explaining the rules of the game for those who have never practiced this activity.

In addition, all dates such as children’s day or the birthday of the attendees must be celebrated. It must be remembered that a sports school in its essence must promote and encourage a healthy life and integration between minors and their families.


The team can be made up of professionals, such as instructors, physical education teachers, coaches, former players or professionals in this discipline. They must have dexterity, patience and other requirements to deal with children.

Ultimately, the creation of this type of schools is above all to strengthen the capacities in education, sports, leisure and free time of the youth population, in addition to promoting inclusion through coexistence and tolerance among minors .

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