Do you want to get new membership in your sports club?

Getting new members is one of the main tasks of a sports club. However, it is not always as easy as we think. Nothing could be further from reality, suppose you a real headache. These tips are sure to help you face it successfully and create a good impression on these potential new partners.

1- Find them yourself or have them do it for you

Athletes don’t appear out of nowhere. Sometimes you have to go out and find them. A good option to attract new athletes may be to go to places where they or their parents are. We talk about extracurricular activities at school, a campus, a sports activity organized by the city council …

Also take advantage of the parents of current athletes in your club. They can do that “commercial work” at these events.

After all, good word of mouth is what sells best. Focus on your members being loyal to the club and they alone will speak highly of it.

2- Organize events or open house days

Encourage your athletes to invite a friend to a training session or club event. Organize activities where parents and children can take a look and have fun, and thus get to know better the club, its facilities, the coaches and other parents.

This is an opportunity to show your potential members what the club is like, but it is also an indirect form of recruitment .

3- It offers a variety of activities

Another aspect to consider, and that is related to the previous one, is to include complementary activities. Apart from the sports practice itself, it is worth taking courses, talks, extracurricular activities, workshops or summer camps. They are activities that can attract new members, since they are usually events that parents seek to occupy their children’s time.

Or simply, you can create categories for different levels, so you will also open the doors to those who want to start in this type of sport.

It is important that take care of the athletes’ experience with everything related to the club. You have to take care of the details and make it easier for them to carry out any type of activity or action related to the club.

4- Communicate with your members

A good team is essential for the club’s survival, but good communication is the basis for its proper functioning . Good communication between your club members will make athletes feel comfortable.

In addition, will allow you to get to know your athletes as much as possible . It is important that you know what motivates them and what doesn’t. In this way, you will get a better connection and make them feel closer to the club.

When we talk about communication, nowadays, we no longer just talk about communication in person. also of communication via telematics. It is important to choose well the communication channels that are used, since confusion or discrepancies can arise.

More is not always better. Ideally, use one or two shapes and, if possible, everyone should know how to use them. Using the right communication channels can avoid misunderstandings or people who don’t know about a major change. Learn here 5 tricks to improve communication with your club members .

5- Offer discounts or benefits

Offering discounts or gifts to members of a club promotes well-being within it, but we must also try to get new members.

Don’t just offer discounts for members. You can even offer post-registration discounts. This generates the “snowball” effect, seeking to attract members with the strategy of “if you bring a friend …”, offering discounts to both.

6- Take care of your digital presence

Everything mentioned so far is of crucial importance to make yourself known and give a good presence to your club.

But if you are interested in attracting outsiders, you should not forget to be present on the internet. A large part of your audience seeks information through these types of channels, and they may know you through an article on your blog, or a publication on your social networks.

Be careful! Do not neglect SEO positioning, one of the biggest sources of recruitment is usually people who do Google searches like “Football Club in Seville”; Take advantage of it!

Ultimately, the two questions that you should ask yourself to start applying these tips are the following: Why should someone join my club? and why should they choose my club over another?

If you are looking for new members, you should be able to quickly and easily describe what benefits you bring and what sets you apart from other clubs: Activities, facilities, events, affordable fees or special discounts, even talk about the history of the club . In this post we explain the keys to attracting partners in the digital age .

It may seem obvious, but sometimes people need you to give it all to them. In a way, a club is competing against everyone else (not just in their sport), so make your club stand out from the rest. Once you know the tricks, understand better what are the typical problems to join your sports club in this post .

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