How do I close an agreement with a sponsor for my sports club?

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As we commented in the post, Why does my sports club need a sponsor? , sponsorship is an exceptional way for your club to earn extra income.
In addition, you are able to associate the image of your club with an influential personality in the world of sport. But to close an agreement with a sponsor, you must first understand how the agreement between both parties works and what each one seeks to obtain.

What benefits does your sports club get from sponsorship?

The relationship between clubs and sponsors can be loyal, long-lasting and beneficial, so it is something that must be treated with dedication if you want to reap the full benefits. But what do we really hope to get out of a sponsorship?

1- Financial support

As we all know, it is not easy to run a club and keep up to date with all payments, invoices, material orders, organizing events or championships. However, having sponsors can alleviate this pressure as they act as financial support that helps increase your club’s income.
It is important to establish a realistic budget before you start negotiating with potential sponsors. For example, it makes no sense to ask a sponsor for thousands of euros without a reasonable offer in return. In either case, you should treat the agreement as a business transaction.

2- Discounts

As an alternative to money, a sponsorship agreement can include other types of advantages: gift sponsor products, discounts when hiring some company services, or special prices for equipment.
You can also have permission to use certain facilities or venues to host club championships. All of this can help your sports club save money and time, which will pay off in the long run.

3- Other supports

As in any club, the community of members itself is its great unconditional support. But your club may have other supports that you can turn to if necessary.
Sponsors are a good option to offer support in the organization of events and attract a greater number of people. That is why the relationship between the sponsor and your club must be based largely on mutual trust, as support can be very valuable to both parties.

4- Awareness and participation

For any sport, especially those competing at a high level, team awareness and participation are key to the development and sustainability of the club.
Sponsorship, among other things, can help you to publicize your club’s name, especially at the local level, to reach more people, attract new members and grow as a club in the future.

What does your sports club offer to the sponsor?

We have already seen what sponsorship can bring to your sports club, but as we have seen, both parties should benefit. So let’s see what your club can offer the other party.

1- Sponsorship at your club’s facilities

Your club, as the negotiating party for sponsorship, should listen to the needs of potential sponsors and tailor sponsorship offers to those needs.
Your sports club can offer these companies a multitude of benefits. The most common option is to promote the name of this company on the billboards or posters of your facilities.

2- Sponsorship of your teams kit

Another option is to put your sponsor’s logo on your teams’ kit. It is something that attracts the attention of the fans and is not only seen by the local public, but when the teams compete in other locations, they make a diffusion of the sponsors.
To offer more sponsorship areas, you can divide them by teams. You can have a sponsor for your first team, for example, and an alternate sponsor for your youth teams.

3- Online sponsorship

Your club’s website is the first place where the majority of your audience goes, making it an attractive proposition for sponsors.
Take into account your website traffic and use it as a hook to sell this space on your club page. The alternatives in the online world allow you a multitude of possibilities where to find a site for your sponsor. For example, in your newsletter, your club blog, in emails, or on social media profiles.

Are you looking for sponsors for this new season? Contact the Esportter communication team to see if your club can reach an agreement with us 😋

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