The 22 best apps for football clubs

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If you are looking for the best app for your football club , you have come to the right place. In this post I show you a list of the best technological solutions that are available for soccer teams like yours.

Probably, when you think of an app for a football club, two or three processes that can be digitized come to mind. But trust me, the range is very wide. The digital transformation in football clubs is booming, and there are apps that you would never have imagined.

In this list I show you the best solutions, both in app and web-app formats for the different members of a sports club: directors, coaches, athletes, fans, analysts … I’m going with it!

Soccer apps for directors and managers

Here I list the essential solutions for those responsible for the club. No more excel paper and pen. The digital transformation knocks on the door of the directors of football clubs.

Club management tools

1. Computer Playoff

Club + web management tools

2. Clupik

Centralize the management and communication of your football club with its comprehensive solution for clubs. It allows you to have your own website and a personalized app for your club, being able to incorporate the modules that you consider appropriate. In addition, it provides a management tool, where to centralize the management of tools and communications with members. In a single step, you can turn your club into 100% digital, connecting all the agents involved in the club (board of directors, coaches, athletes, parents, sponsors …) thanks to its comprehensive solution. The app with the highest growth rate in number of customers during 2020, I totally recommend it!

Apps for soccer coaches

One of the most important things for people in charge of coaching soccer teams is the design of drills. It is true that this can be done with paper and pen, but it is also true that designing it through these platforms will give a touch of professionalism to both your club and your work. In addition, it allows you to perform calculations and analyzes that would cost more effort in the traditional way.

Sports analysis tools

4. Once Video Analysis

The best program to analyze videos with graphs like the ones you see on TV. Two-in-one solution: labeling + modeling with interactive graphics and option to export. Unlimited number of analyzes without the need to work online. Analyze any video from your hard drive.
Add visualizations to all your matches in a few clicks, create and export videos with interactive graphics, with unlimited analyzes.

5. RX Soccer

It is software for the design, animation and simulation of training exercises. It allows you to control the players of your own team as in a video game, making the player and the coach interact with the field exercise to create actions with natural and random movement.

6. Soccer Coach Pro

This application allows the design of your own moves and exercises to carry out during a training session. You can represent the different players on your team, movements, edit play notes, create formations, etc. This app is only available for IOS.

7. 24/7 Football Coach

It is a very intuitive application to indicate moves and create exercises. With it, you can make boys and girls better understand the plays and strategies. This application is only available for IOS.

8. Tactical Pad

This application is one of the most complete for football clubs and allows you to perform a multitude of tasks in an innovative way. This tool allows you to create exercises, sessions and new formations, to perform tactical and performance analysis of both your team and your rivals.

9. The Coaching Manual

This platform offers both complete training sessions, as well as the possibility of creating and designing your own exercises through its tools.

10. You Coach

In addition to being one of the most complete online guides with videos and books about football, it has an application through which you can create exercises, record statistics, plan football training, etc.

Training tools

11. Kimet Sport

It is software for planning, training and advising football clubs. It provides training methods to the world of sport to optimize the performance of the players, while training the technicians with its computer tool endorsed by the RFE and LaLiga

Soccer Slate Apps

12. Coach Tactic Board: Soccer

From this application you will be able to create plays and tactics with your soccer players, and you will be able to teach the methodology in a very visual way.

13. Football Dood

Its main difference compared to other online slates is that it allows animations with transitions of all your plays for matches.

14. Soccer Board Tactics

It is a tool with a simple interface and through which you can use markers, lines, etc. Good tool for your football club to change from the traditional board to the technological world.

Tools for real-time monitoring

15. Coach it Soccer

This application allows you to configure the line-up, manage the team and record all the statistics of your players, with the aim of subsequently analyzing everything that has happened during the game.


16. My Coach Football

This is one of the most complete tools for the world of football. Its functionalities include creating lineups with all the player’s data, changing the lineup in real time during the game, and writing down everything that happens during the game (substitutions, goals and cards, for example).

It allows later to make an analysis of everything that has happened to your football team.

17. My football statistics

The storage of data and recording of statistics is gaining more and more weight in the world of football. With this application, you can record everything that happens during a match in real time. eye! Not only does it work for your team, but you can also collect statistics from your rival.

Apps for football community managers

All the clubs have digital media to publish content: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, the website itself … and the reality is that, normally, whoever manages them is not an expert in the field, but rather “Pulling” with what is on hand.

Editing tools with templates

18. Kickly

Kickly, the tool that seems “simple”, but turns out to be just great. An online design app with templates to create graphic content about your club in minutes.

Goodbye paying graphic designers, goodbye spending hours creating content, and goodbye large Photoshop files.

Community managers, copywriters, online media and club leaders: The social media design revolution is here! Valid for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Stories. Coming soon, in video format.

Apps for soccer fans

I couldn’t forget about the fans. For them to keep track of your club and stay connected with their idols, there are a number of apps that facilitate this connection.

Apps for live results

19. Besoccer

In Besoccer you will find the latest football news, rumors and transfers of any team, competition, players, live results, first, second, second B and third division rankings.

20. FotMob

FotMob is the application for game day. Live scores, detailed match stats, goal notifications, and breaking news from over 200 leagues.

21. Sofascore

On SofaScore you have live results from more than 600 soccer leagues. Follow the results, statistics, rankings, matches and videos of all of them.

Apps for streaming

22. Footers

Through a monthly payment, Footers will broadcast the matches of the 2nd B and 3rd football divisions to those subscribed to the platform.

These are the 21 apps and tools specific to your club. But there are other tools that, although not designed exactly for football clubs, help digitize many of the tasks that are usually done offline. Learn about all of them in our post on Best tools for managing a sports club.

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